Let's Hunt Premium Durian at Good Durian by Fokus Indosiar
29 Dec 2021 - Admin

Let's Hunt Premium Durian


For durian lovers, this place is a must visit. There are various types of premium durians available. One of them is the most delicious durian in the world, namely Musangking. #IndosiarBerita



In December 2021, Indosiar will cover Good Durian in one of its TV shows, Fokus. We had the opportunity to show our shop, the durians we sell as well as interviews and education about premium durians. Now the results of shooting the video have been presented on Indosiar since December 2021.


GOOD DURIAN, the most complete place for selling durian in Jakarta, is here to pamper you durian lovers. The price of the durian that we offer is very cheap and affordable, with the quality durian flesh that we offer. We always provide the best durian products for every premium local durian such as Medan durian, Montong Palu durian, Matahari durian and other types of imported durians such as the Ochee Duri Hitam durian and the Malaysian Musang King durian. Just visit our nearest durian shop or you can also order it via the marketplace.


Let's see the video.

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Good Durian is a fruit shop that sells various premium durians such as Musang king, black thorn, local archipelago durians such as bawor, montong hammer, local Sumatran and also other exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and Japanese fruit.
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