Various Durian Provided by GOOD DURIAN
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Viral Place to Eat Durian


There are many places to eat durian in Jakarta. Each of these places offers various types of durian fruit from various places throughout Indonesia. The visitors will be given the best recommendation for durian fruit which is selected according to the desired taste.


Durian which is known as the "King of Fruits" is one of the favorites in Indonesia. This type of fruit that has a distinctive aroma has many fans. Especially if eaten with family and friends, then the sensation of eating it will feel more delicious. The taste is sweet, legit, and the soft and creamy meat makes it melt in the mouth.


Lately, durian is often used as a processed food ingredient which makes this fruit more varied in enjoying it. Call it pancakes, pudding, sponge cake, fruit soup, ice cream, compote etc. For those of you who are durian lovers and are looking for a place to eat durian in Jakarta, there are several places that you should not miss.


From just a kiosk, shop, to an area where there are many durian sellers in the area. You are free to enjoy durian anywhere. But of course you also have to pay attention to the seller where you buy the durian. Don't let yourself be disappointed when the durian you ordered doesn't match what you expected.


One that is well known and recommended by durian lovers is GOOD DURIAN. Providing various types of the best durians from various regions in the archipelago, to providing imported durians such as the famous Malaysian civet king durian. GOOD DURIAN is ready to assist you in choosing the best durian fruit for you to enjoy with your special people.


Various Durian Provided


As a place to eat durian in Jakarta GOOD DURIAN always provides the best quality fruit and provides affordable prices for its customers. In addition, the large selection of durians provided is an added value for customers, so there is no need to look for durian elsewhere. The following are some of the best types of durian provided by GOOD DURIAN:


  1. Musang King Malaysia

    Durian Musang King

    Known as one of the best durians in the world. Musang King is a durian from Malaysia which was first introduced in 1990. This durian also has another name, namely Mao Shan Wang or means King of Cats. This durian has a golden yellow color, thick flesh, soft, sweet, slightly bitter and mostly has a deflated seed.

  2. Blackthorn / Ochee Malaysia

    Durian Blackthorn Ochee

    Touted as a rare sultan durian originating from Malaysia. Blackthorn is a durian from Malaysia which was first introduced in 2010. This durian also has another name, namely Ochee. This durian has an orange color, the flesh is quite thick, soft, creamy, sweet, slightly bitter, slightly alcoholic and mostly has medium seeds.

  3. Montong Palu

    Durian Monton Palu

    Durian montong from Central Sulawesi, precisely in Parigi. This durian is known as montong Palu. Montong Palu is a durian that is very loved by people in Indonesia because it has thick flesh, small seeds, yellow color, sweet and fresh taste and creamy texture.

  4. Bawor

    Durian Bawor

    Bawor durian is one of the most superior durians from Indonesia because it has a sweet, sticky taste, yellow-orange color and relatively small seeds. Durian bawor comes from the Banyumas area. The naming of Bawor itself on Banyumas durian is an abbreviation. Bawor is taken from the word 'trunk diowor-owor'. Due to the branched root stem and is a combination of several varieties. There is a tree that consists of 3 roots, there is also a tree that consists of 4 trunks. It depends on how many varieties you want to cross in one tree.

  5. Lokal Sumatera

    Durian Lokal Sumatra

    Sumatra is one of the largest durian producers in the world. Who doesn't know Medan durian? Durian Medan is just one of the various varieties of durian in Sumatra. There are many others such as Sidikalang durian, Nias, Padang, etc. GOOD DURIAN brings the best durian from local Sumatra directly with quality sorts.

  6. Lokal Jawa

    Durian Lokal Jawa

    Java has many places that produce superior durians whose taste is not inferior to Malaysian durians. Javanese durian has a sweet taste, legit, sticky texture, creamy yellow color and relatively medium seeds.

  7. Matahari

    Durian Matahari

    The sun durian is a durian from Sulawesi which has a yellow-orange color like the sun. This durian has a very attractive color, soft texture, sweet and legit taste, and relatively medium seeds.


There are various kinds of durian provided by GOOD DURIAN, as one of the places to eat durian in Jakarta. Just reading it, we already imagine the various kinds of durian served. Come on, just visit the store location here, or you can also buy it online.

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