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Durian Bawor


Durian Bawor is one of the most superior durians from Indonesia because it has a sweet, sticky taste, a yellow-orange color and relatively small seeds.


Durian Bawor comes from the Banyumas area. The naming of Bawor itself on Durian Banyumas itself is an abbreviation. Bawor is taken from the word 'batang (trunk) diowor-owor'. Due to the branched root stem and is a combination of several varieties.


There is a tree that consists of 3 roots, there is also a tree that consists of 4 trunks. It depends on how many varieties you want to cross in one tree.


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Apart from local signatures such as the Bawor Durian which is famous for its distinctive fruit flesh taste, our durian shop also has various other superior varieties of local durians that are not inferior to imported durians. Immediately order your favourite durian right now, and get affordable price offers for you.

Taste Sweet and Sticky
Texture Soft & Creamy
Color Yelllow Orange
Seeds Small-medium seeds


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Caca Shintya
09 June 2023
karena durian jarang banget denger durian ini, jadi penasaran buat coba durian bawor. saya kira bakalan kecewa ternyata engga, durian bawor ini enak, manis dan creamy ga bikin enek saat dimakan banyak
Ernando Sumantri
19 May 2023
Durian Bawor benar-benar merupakan buah durian terbaik yang pernah saya coba. Buahnya begitu segar, dengan aroma yang kuat dan khas durian. Ketika saya memakannya, rasanya begitu nikmat dan memuaskan
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