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Montong Palu Frozen
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Durian Montong Palu Frozen Pack - 500gr/ Pack


Durian Montong from Central Sulawesi, precisely in Parigi. This durian is known as Montong Palu. Montong Palu is a durian that is very loved by people in Indonesia because it has thick flesh, small seeds, yellow color, sweet fresh taste and creamy texture.


Another Ready To Eat Durian Variant From Us


GOODDURIAN sells frozen peeled Montong Palu durians that have been packaged 500gr/pack. It contains the best quality durian that you can get at an affordable price. Apart from going directly to our nearest durian shop location, you can also order durian products online. Through the marketplace of your choice, get it immediately only from GOODDURIAN.

Taste Sweet & Fresh
Texture Soft & Creamy
Color Yellow
Seeds Small seeds


GOOD DURIAN as a modern durian fruit shop always listens to your every response. Help us to improve our products and services for the better by leaving your review

14 November 2022
Durian kupas montong palu nya enak banget, isinya juga banyak jadi ga rugi deh pokoknya.. trus juga diskon promonya juga oke ! durian kupas montong palu terbaik yang pernah saya makan, mau order lagi!
17 October 2022
Durian kupas montong palu siap makan ini benar-benar praktis, tidak perlu repot-repot lagi dalam menikmati buah durian. Pokoknya durian beku siap makan ini sangat saya rekomendasikan untuk anda semua.
07 October 2022
Saya sekeluarga suka sekali dengan durian kupas montong palu yang disediakan disini, selain daging buahnya yang berkualitas harga yang ditawarkan juga murah terjangkau pokoknya sangat rekomendasi !!!
Andi Hasan
28 September 2022
Durian kupas montong palu yang disedikan oleh GOODDURIAN benar-benar daging buah durian yang berkualitas, gak rugi rasanya beli dan sekarang menjadi langganan, saya sangat suka dengan produknya!
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