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18 Jun 2022 - Admin



Biggest Promo of the Year
Only on 17 - 19 June 2022


Whole Fresh Durian
Musang King Fresh From 450.000 ----> 375.000/kg
Montong King Parigi From 110,000 ---->. 89,000/kg
Sun King From 150.000 ----> 129.000/kg


Fresh Peeled Durian
Montong Palu Fresh Peel 500gr From 150.000 ----> 135.000/pax
Matahari Fresh Peel 500gr From 225.000 ----> 185.000 / pax


Frozen Durian
Musang King Frozen From 270,000 ----> 249,000/pax
Montong Palu Frozen From 85.000 ----> 65.000 / pax
Frozen Sun From 150.000 ----> 120.000 / pax





- Every time you spend multiples of 1 million at the store, you can play Fortune Wheel
- Fortune wheel with total prizes of tens of millions of rupiah (prizes fresh durian, merchandise, etc.)


Lets Get it now! limited stock, contact the admin now:

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As the most complete durian shop and distributor in Jakarta, we always provide the best quality durian products for you. Durian Motong Palu, Sumatra Local Medan Durian, Bawor Durian and various other types of durian. Don't miss one of the prima donnas of Ochee Durian and of course the Musang King Durian.

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Good Durian
Good Durian is a fruit shop that sells various premium durians such as Musang king, black thorn, local archipelago durians such as bawor, montong hammer, local Sumatran and also other exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and Japanese fruit.
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