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Good Durian is the first Durian Shop in Indonesia that carries the modern concept of durian shopping experience with the ambience and way of shopping like in Singapore. We serve durian from various imported premium varieties such as Musang King, Black Thorn, D101, Tekka, Red Prawn and also signature varieties from local archipelago such as Montong Palu, Local Sumatra, Medan, Sidikalang, Local Java, Local Kalimantan and many others


In addition to selling various durians, we also bring other exotic fruits from various countries to be enjoyed in Indonesia.


Now Good Durian has 2 branches in Jakarta and will continue to grow not only as a retail store but also into a supplier company that is committed to providing the best quality fruit at an affordable price. We are ready to collaborate with resellers, suppliers, modern markets or supermarkets, factories etc. who need our help.


Also enjoy the experience of eating a different durian fruit, by directly enjoying the durian fruit on location. A place to eat durian that we provide for you, so you don't have to bother opening durian fruit anymore. Just come and choose the durian you want, and let our team serve it to your table.

Good Fruits
We are committed to serving durian and other premium exotic fruits with the best quality
Good Services
Service is our main focus. We will always try to provide the best service, guarantee and always maintain cleanliness
Good Price
Providing the best and fair prices for customers, resellers, partners and partners
Customer Reviews
Salma Hasana
09 June 2023
Pengen coba yang durain blacthorn ini secara utuh, tapi kebetulan habis.. ya sudah jadinya beli durian blackthorn beku siap makan aja, rasanya juga enak kok.. masih fresh jga dan porsinya banyak hehe
Caca Shintya
09 June 2023
karena durian jarang banget denger durian ini, jadi penasaran buat coba durian bawor. saya kira bakalan kecewa ternyata engga, durian bawor ini enak, manis dan creamy ga bikin enek saat dimakan banyak
Tulus Saputra
09 June 2023
Baru pertama kali cobain durian lokal jawa ternyata rasanya tidak kalah salam durian jenis lain seperti durian medan dan montong palu, saya sangat suka dengan durian lokal jawa ini! sangat rekomendasi
Cika Antika
05 June 2023
Kurang begitu familiar sih sama durian matahari, tapi pas udah coba sumpah ga nyesel sama sekali. selain rasanya yang enak harganya juga lebih terjangkau dibandingakan sama durian jenis lainnya hehehe

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Good Durian
Good Durian is a fruit shop that sells various premium durians such as Musang king, black thorn, local archipelago durians such as bawor, montong hammer, local Sumatran and also other exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and Japanese fruit.
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