Partner With Us

Good Durian is ready to collaborate with various parties such as resellers, modern markets or modern markets, or collaborate to create various ideas and ideas that can provide mutual benefits. Contact us now according to your needs below

Becomer Reseller

Get big profits by becoming our reseller. We provide the best price according to the order, can also provide facilities for repacking and dropship as well as our support to help you sell.


  • Simple & Easy Prochedure
  • Wholesale & Dropship available
  • Best Quality & Price
Modern Market

Being a supplier for the modern market is one of our main focuses. We have collaborated with several of the largest supermarkets in Jakarta by supplying Durian fruit, Yellow Dragon Fruit, imported vegetables and several other premium Japanese fruits.


We want to continue to grow and cooperate with other modern markets in all major cities in Indonesia


  • Best Quality & Price
  • Wholesale & Easy Procedure
  • Fast & Safe Distribution

Let's collaborate to create interesting ideas and ideas for your brand and our brand that can provide various benefits to each other such as increasing sales, brand awareness, new customers, etc.


  • Your Trusted & Reliable Partners
  • Best Quality & Price
  • Simple & Easy Procedure
Wholesale & B2B

We strive to be one of the leading suppliers for wholesale orders and also to become the main supplier for the needs of factories or companies in all cities in Indonesia that need durian raw materials.


  • Best Quality & Price
  • High quality standards and maintained
  • Fast & Safe Distribution
Become Supplier

We need suppliers of local Indonesian durians with the best quality and other exotic fruits from all cities in Indonesia. Let's work together and grow with Good Durian.


  • Your Trusted & Reliable Partner
  • Guaranteed and safe payments
  • Simple & Easy Procedure

Partner With Us

Let's work together and grow with Good Durian

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Good Durian
Good Durian is a fruit shop that sells various premium durians such as Musang king, black thorn, local archipelago durians such as bawor, montong hammer, local Sumatran and also other exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and Japanese fruit.
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