Queen Sticky Rice
Queen Sticky Rice
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Queen Sticky Rice


The Sticky Rice with Kinca sauce and Musang King in Indonesia. Sticky Rice with Kinca sauce is a typical Indonesian dessert that is sweet and become one of the favorite dessert in Indonesia


But so far no one has ever combined it with Durian. We did this experiment and it turned out to be very suitable, especially with Durian Musang King. Now this dessert is one of the most favorite desserts at Good Durian


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Apart from the dessert of kinca sticky rice with Musang King, we also provide other dessert options combined with the best-peeled durian flesh. We guarantee these various typical desserts will spoil your tongue. Immediately visit our nearest durian shop to try it, or you can also order via the marketplace. Get special promo prices for various durian products from GOODDURIAN, the most complete and best place to sell durian.

Taste Tasty & Sweet
Texture Soft & Sticky
Color White, Blue & Green


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