Good Durian Website Official Launch
01 Apr 2022 - Admin

Website Official Launch


Now Good Durian has a new website at With this new website, you can see durian updates that are ready every day and also see the latest promos or menus from us.


On our website, we will display a variety of superior durian products such as durian musang king, durian ochee, durian montong palu, durian medan, and also our various types of the best durians. The durian prices we offer are the best you can get, we guarantee you will not lose if you choose durian from us.


You can also view our outlet information on this updated website. In addition, if you have a need to partner with us, collaborate, or want to become a reseller and supplier, you can also contact us on the Partner with us menu.


As the most complete durian shop and distributor, we also provide information regarding our contact information on the website. Those of you who want to buy and select our best durian fruit directly can visit our nearest durian shop. We have also listed the location on our website. 


All Information You Can Find Here


Hopefully in the future the Good Durian website will also continue to be updated to be even better.

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Good Durian
Good Durian is a fruit shop that sells various premium durians such as Musang king, black thorn, local archipelago durians such as bawor, montong hammer, local Sumatran and also other exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and Japanese fruit.
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