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Dreamy Musang King Cake
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Dreamy Musang King Cake


Dreamy Musang king cake is a collaborative work of Good Durian with Chef Kim Pangestu. We created a civet king cake product with civet king fruit on top of the cake.


Dreamy Musang King Cake has a strong durian taste, sweet, fragrant and soft.


Dreamy Musang King Cake is available in 3 sizes:

- size Large

- size medium

- size Small


Dessert products other than Dreamy Weasel King Cake


In addition to the processed weasel king variants that we make cakes or desserts, our durian selling places also provide other dessert variants that are no less tasty and you must try of course. All of our dessert variants menus are served with peeled durian flesh from the type of weasel king which is famous for the softness of its texture and its uniquely sweet taste. So what are you waiting for, immediately visit our nearest durian shop to be able to taste all special dessert variants from GOODDURIAN.



Taste Sweet
Texture Soft
Color White & Yellow


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