Montong Bali Frozen Siap Makan
Montong Bali Frozen Pack - 500gr / Pack
Durian siap makan Montong Bali Frozen Pack - 500gr / Pack
Montong Bali Frozen
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Montong Bali Frozen Pack - 500gr / Pack


Durian Montong from Bali. This durian is known as a rival to Montong Palu. Although the taste is not as sweet as Montong Palu, Montong Bali provides a fresh, light tutty fruity taste and is very suitable to be eaten anytime. Durian has thick flesh, small seeds, yellow color, sweet and fresh taste and creamy texture.


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GOODDURIAN also provides various other types of durian that are ready to eat. With the choice of fruit meat that we provide for you. Immediately order your favourite durian and get the best price offer from us. Apart from selling frozen Bali durian Montong , our durian distributor also provides other types of frozen peeled durian variants

Taste Sweet & Fresh
Texture Soft & Creamy
Color Yellow
Seeds Small Seeds


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Gede Wijaya
05 June 2023
pertamakali coba buah durian montong bali yang siap makan ini, saya kira bakalan ga suka karena kurang fresh habisnya udah dibuka sih,, tapi ternyata salah,, disini emang pusatnya durian yang enak !!!
Nanda Artila
15 May 2023
Durian montong bali ini adalah salah satu durian favorit saya, karena rasanya yang khas tidak kalh dari rasa durian monton palu atau durian medan.. pokoknyaa sukaa banget dan sangat rekomendasi deh!!
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