Durian Musang King Frozen Pack
Durian Musang King Frozen Pack Siap Makan
Kemasan Durian Musang King Beku
Siap Mekan Durian Musang King Frozen Pack
Musang King Frozen
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Durian Musang King Frozen Pack - 400gr / Pack


Best Durian in the World. Musang King is a durian from Malaysia which was first introduced in 1990. This durian also has another name, namely Mao Shan Wang or means King of Cats. This durian has a golden yellow color, thick flesh, soft, sweet, slightly bitter and usually has a deflated seed.


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Apart from selling frozen Musang King with premium quality fruit flesh, we also provide other ready-to-eat frozen peeled durian variants with the best fruit flesh for you. Contact us immediately to get information about other ready-to-eat durians


Taste Sweet & Bitter
Texture Soft & Creamy
Color Yellow Gold
Seeds Deflated seeds


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14 April 2023
Musang king frozen harganya lebih terjangkau ????????
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